Amy Jo Coffey University of Florida

Amy Jo Coffey

Associate Professor/Program Coordinator
  • Gainesville FL UNITED STATES
  • College of Journalism and Communications

Amy Jo Coffey's research interests include audience economics and language, as well as market segmentation.

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Amy Jo Coffey teaches courses in audience analysis, serving diverse audiences, media programming, media management and strategy, and innovation and entrepreneurship. Her research interests include audience economics and language, with an emphasis on non-English language media within the U.S., as well as market segmentation and other strategic competition issues. She has also researched newsroom diversity, legal and policy matters related to media ownership, and the utility of new media spaces, including virtual environments such as Second Life.

Industry Expertise

Media Production
Media - Online
Media - Broadcast
Social Media
Market Research
Computer Software

Areas of Expertise

Audience Analytics
Audience Research
Media Competition
Media Entrepreneurship
Media Management and Economics
Ethnic and Non-English Speaking Audiences


Research traditions in media economics

A Research Agenda for Media Economics

Amy Jo Coffey


Administrative, policy and applied research approaches are common to the media economics tradition. Moving forward, future media economics research endeavors should not only continue to embrace these traditions but consider blending them and collaborating with industry to meet the research challenges of today and tomorrow. Big data, along with advanced analytical techniques, including data fusion, data mining and structural estimation, offer new possibilities.

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Challenging Assumptions about Ownership and Diversity: An Examination of U.S. Local On-Air Television Newsroom Personnel

The International Journal on Media Management

Amy Jo Coffey


Media ownership and diversity have been areas of concern for the U.S.’ Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for decades. In this study, the effects of ownership type and network affiliation upon ethnic and racial diversity within U.S. television newsrooms were explored.

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The efficacy of an immersive 3D virtual versus 2D web environment in intercultural sensitivity acquisition

Educational Technology Research and Development

Amy Jo Coffey, Rasha Kamhawi, Paul A. Fishwick, Julie Henderson


Relatively few studies have empirically tested computer-based immersive virtual environments’ efficacy in teaching or enhancing pro-social attitudes, such as intercultural sensitivity. This channel study experiment was conducted (N = 159) to compare what effects, if any, an immersive 3D virtual environment would have upon subjects’ intercultural sensitivity, compared to a 2D web environment.

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