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Christopher L. Busey

Assistant Professor
  • Gainesville FL UNITED STATES
  • College of Education

Christopher Busey’s research broadly examines the intersection of race and education.

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Christopher Busey is an assistant professor of curriculum, teaching and teacher education in the School of Teaching and Learning. He also is affiliated faculty with the Center for Latin American Studies. Christopher's research broadly examines the intersection of race and education across multiple contexts with a specific focus on social studies curriculum and pedagogy, curriculum history, critical race theory, and teacher education. His more current work focuses on [re-]conceptualizing and contextualizing narratives relevant to Afro-Latinx education and Black Diaspora history within K-20 curricular discourses.

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Areas of Expertise

Intersections of African American and Afro-Latinx Racial Thought in Education
Educational Activism and Policy for Afro-descendant Communities
Afro-Latin History and Citizenship Education
Latin American Studies



Arrested Development: How This We Believe Utilizes Colorblind Narratives and Racialization to Socially Construct Early Adolescent Development

The Urban Review

Christopher L Busey and Jesse Gainer


Early adolescents go through developmental changes which are also mediated through social and structural forces that reproduce stratifying hierarchies around race, class, gender and sexuality. Despite the intersection of early adolescent development with social and institutional forces, critical concepts such as race are often omitted in general discourses of middle level education.

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The making of global Black anti-citizen/citizenship: Situating BlackCrit in global citizenship research and theory

Theory & Research in Social Education

Christopher L Busey and Tianna Dowie-Chin


In this article, we aim to problematize vernacularized conceptualizations of citizenship in social studies education that sidestep the socio-historical significance of anti-Black world systems in the creation of human/non-human and, consequently, citizen/anti-citizen. More specifically, we argue that BlackCrit interlopes antiblackness in the intellectual apprehension of taken-for-granted concepts such as Blackness, globality, citizenship and racism.

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Troubling the Essentialist Discourse of Brown in Education: The Anti-Black Sociopolitical and Sociohistorical Etymology of Latinxs as a Brown Monolith

Educational Researcher

Christopher L Busey and Carolyn Silva


US-based scholars often colloquially employ Brown as a monolithic reference to Latinidad in education research without attention to its racialized and anti-Black underpinnings. In this conceptual essay, we apprehend the currents of hemispheric racial formation within a South–North orientation to problematize the essentialist ethos of US Latinxs as monolithically Brown.

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The Racial Grammar of Teacher Education: Critical Race Theory Counterstories of Black and Latina First-Generation Preservice Teachers

Teacher Education Quarterly

Christopher L Busey and Priscilla Bell


Drawing from critical race theory in education as a conceptual framework, we use an intersectional narrative methodology to foreground how four first-generation women preservice teachers of color-US Black and Latina-navigate the racial grammar of teacher education.

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