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Julie Brown

Associate Professor

jbrown@coe.ufl.edu 352-273-4218
  • Gainesville FL UNITED STATES
  • College of Education

Julie Brown researches how teachers engage culturally and linguistically diverse learners in secondary and undergraduate science education.

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Julie Brown focuses on the science of broadening participation in STEM in secondary and higher education contexts. Her research team works to advance equitable STEM learning environments by preparing culturally responsive secondary science teachers and undergraduate biology teaching assistants, as well as designing and evaluating equitable STEM instructional tools. They examine how secondary science teachers learn to enact cultural responsiveness for the students they serve through their attitudes, classroom practices, and designed curricula. Julie employs design-based research methods to devise, assess, and revise theoretically grounded interventions that are responsive to specific, contextualized problems.

Areas of Expertise

Qualitative Methods
Undergraduate Science and STEM Education
Curriculum Design
Educational Equity
Science Education
Broadening participation in STEM
Design-Based Research
K-12 Science Education
Mixed Methods


‘Me hizo sentir como científica’: the expressed science identities of multilingual learners in high school biology classrooms

International Journal of Science Education

Molly M. Staggs & Julie C. Brown


To make sound science-related decisions in a global society, individuals must possess a science identity, or see themselves as capable of doing and understanding science. Science identity development begins in school-aged years, when multilingual students (MLs) are often marginalised in the classroom due to language challenges and low expectations placed on them. This descriptive multiple case study explores the science identities expressed by six US high school MLs in their biology classrooms.

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The Emphasis on Multicultural Science Instruction in NSTA Science Scope and the Science Teacher Journals

Journal of Science Teacher Education

Julie C. Brown & Michelle C. Joyce


Developing culturally responsive science teachers requires changes in one’s knowledge and dispositions, as well as one’s instructional practices. Multicultural science instruction (MSI) provides educators with a framework for strengthening and disrupting the formal curriculum in ways that infuse critical, historical, and culturally responsive connections. Practitioners need not only to see MSI modeled by teacher educators and their colleagues, but also to have concrete resources provided on their journey.

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Newcomer Emergent Bilingual Students’ Meaning-Making in Urban Biology Classrooms: A Communities of Practice Perspective

Urban Education

Mark B. Pacheco & Julie C. Brown


This study investigated how newcomer emergent bilinguals made meaning in two 9th-grade biology classrooms. Methods relevant to naturalistic inquiry were used to collect and analyze data. Findings indicate that newcomers bridged aspects of personal experiences with social competencies valued in classrooms through using heritage languages, engaging as brokers and collaborators, and attempting to realize goals of learning English and content simultaneously.

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