Mazen Al-Mansour University of Florida

Mazen Al-Mansour

Assistant Professor 352-265-0761
  • Gainesville FL UNITED STATES
  • College of Medicine

Dr. Mazen Al-Mansour is an expert in abdominal wall and hernia surgery, focusing on the use of minimally invasive (e.g. robotic) surgery.

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Dr. Mazen Al-Mansour is a hernia specialist, minimally invasive surgeon and assistant professor in the department of surgery. He aims to create a premier abdominal wall and hernia center, and he is a leader in offering leading-edge hernia surgery by using the latest techniques and technologies. He strives to perform large operations using small incisions because this provides patients less pain, quicker recovery and decreased risk of complications. He treats patients for incisional, recurrent and hiatal hernias, and gastroesophageal reflux disease.

Areas of Expertise

Gastrointenstinal Surgery
Robotic Surgery
Abdominal Wall and Hernia Surgery
Minimally Invasive Surgery



Forecasting The Impact of the 2023 Current Procedural Terminology Coding Changes On Ventral Hernia Work Relative Value Units. A Cross-Sectional Study

Surgery Journal

Mazen R. Al-Mansour, et. al


In January 2023, significant changes were implemented to ventral hernia repair Current Procedural Terminology codes, with new codes replacing previous codes. The new codes were assigned a 0-day global period. The impact of these changes on clinical productivity remains unclear. Our objective was to forecast the impact of Current Procedural Terminology changes on ventral hernia-related work relative value units using historical data.

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Gender, racial, and socioeconomic disparity of preoperative optimization goals in ventral hernia repair

Surgical Endoscopy

Mazen R. Al-Mansour, et. al


Preoperative optimization cut-offs are frequently utilized to determine eligibility for elective ventral hernia repair. Our objective was to assess the relationship between gender, race, and socioeconomic status and preoperative optimization goals. We queried our institutional database for adults with ventral hernia diagnoses between 2016 and 2021. Demographics, comorbidities, laboratory, and operative data were collected and analyzed.

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The effect of smoking status on inguinal hernia repair outcomes: An ACHQC analysis

Surgical Endoscopy

Celeste G. Yergin, et. al


Smoking has been shown to negatively affect surgical outcomes, so smoking cessation prior to elective operations is often recommended. However, the effects of smoking status on inguinal hernia repair outcomes have not been extensively studied. Hence, we investigated the association between smoking status and short-term adverse outcomes following inguinal hernia repair.

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