Impact of high-wind events

David PrevattDavid O. Prevatt

David O. Prevatt is a structural engineer who studies how residential structures perform in high wind events. His work advances the knowledge for societies to enhance community-resilience and design more sustainable structures.

Forrest MastersForrest Masters

A wind engineer who studies tropical cyclone wind and wind-driven rain effects on the built environment through field reconnaissance during landfalling hurricanes.

Arthriya SubgranonArthriya Subgranon

Uses AI and HiperGator, UF’s supercomputer, in her work to improve forecast modeling of infrastructure damage due to hurricanes.

Water quality and storm surge

Mary LuskMary Lusk
Mary Lusk can speak about the impact of flooding on well water and septic systems. In the event of flooding, she can tell residents whether and when it’s safe to use their water after a storm strikes.


Elise MorrisonElise Morrison

Water is often contaminated after storm surge. She can discuss engineering approaches to accurate assessment of water quality during hurricane rescue and restoration.

Coastal impact and climatology

Christine AngeliniChristine Angelini

Christine Angelini is the founder and director of the Center for Coastal Solutions and is an expert in coastal ecosystems and restoration.


Maitane OlabarrietaMaitane Olabarrieta

Maitane Olabarrieta’s work focuses on the processes that drive coastal erosion and flooding under extreme storms and improving numerical models used to predict coastal change.


John JaegerJohn Jaeger

John Jaeger studies the impact of hurricanes on Florida’s coastline, specifically shoreline retreat near the Kennedy Space Center and the threat of saltwater intrusion to the launch pads.

Katy SerafinKaty Serafin

Katy Serafin researches extreme sea levels, coastal flooding and erosion hazards to better understand how our coastlines are changing and the resulting impacts to people and places.

Corene MatyasCorene Matyas

Corene Matyas is a geology professor who teaches courses on hurricanes, atmospheric teleconnections, climatology and data analysis using GIS. Her research areas of specialization include tropical climatology, hurricanes, severe weather and remote sensing of rainfall.

General hurricane preparation, mitigation and recovery

Carrie StevensonCarrie Stevenson

Carrie Stevenson, an editor of Florida Homeowner’s Handbook to Prepare for Natural Disasters, educates citizens on hurricane preparation, with a focus on hurricane-resilient tree selection, flooding, sea level rise, historical impacts from storms, the science of hurricanes and wind mitigation.

Jeffrey LindseyJeffrey Lindsey

Jeffrey Lindsey is a retired fire chief with more than 45 years of experience with hurricanes, wildland fires and common emergencies. He has expertise in emergency services administration, management of personnel and major scenes, education and emergency and disaster response.

Xilei ZhaoXilei Zhao

Xilei Zhao is a civil and coastal engineer who studies citizens’ decision-making during evacuation orders under the threat of hurricane. With funding from the NSF, she looked at how people dealt with conflicting objectives during Hurricane Ian.

Community resilience and recovery 

Jason von MedingJason von Meding

Jason von Meding, an associate professor in the Rinker School of Construction Management and member of the Florida Institute for Built Environment Resiliency (FIBER), is an expert in how disaster affects people.

Angie LindseyAngie Lindsey

Angie Lindsey’s area of focus is on community resource organizations and collaborative efforts during the recovery period following a disaster.


Maria WatsonMaria Watson

Maria Watson is an urban planner with expertise in disaster recovery. She investigates factors that impact a community’s response and how business and housing recovery are linked.

Agriculture/Crop damage

Jonathan CraneJonathan Crane

A tropic-fruit crop expert, Johathan Crave studies how hurricanes affect Florida agriculture and damage fruit crops and grove infrastructure.

Economic Impact

Christa CourtChrista Court

Christa Court, director of the UF/IFAS Economic Impact Analysis Program, conducts economic modeling on disaster impacts on agriculture, forestry and fisheries in Florida.


Asoo VakhariaAsoo Vakharia
Asoo Vakharia researches sustainability, management supply chain disruptions and legislative policies to regulate environmental impact.

Ted KuryTed Kury

Ted Kury, the director of Energy Studies for the Public Utility Research Center, can comment on economics and energy risk management and energy and the environment.

Food safety

Keith SchneiderKeith Schneider
Keith Schneider’s research focuses on food safety and understanding foodborne illnesses. He has expertise in strategies to prevent the consumption of spoiled food that can cause illness after power loss due to a storm.


Todd ThriftTodd Thrift
Todd Thrift is a beef cattle specialist with expertise in cow-calf management and feedlot management. His work focuses on applied cow-calf management in Florida, and he can comment on preparing livestock for disasters, ranch recovery and management.



Eva BucknerEva Buckner
Eva Buckner, a medical entomology extension specialist researches mosquitoes and mosquito-control efforts. After hurricanes, she works directly with affected communities and mosquito-control programs to get information and resources to those in need.


Stormwater drainage

Don RaineyDon Rainey
If a hurricane hits, the heavy rain may bring more nutrients downstream. Don Rainey, a water resources agent for UF/IFAS, focuses on stormwater, drainage and nutrients that flow downstream from homes to stormwater ponds.



Ryan KleinRyan Klein
Ryan Klein studies how trees in urban areas are affected by hurricanes and the risks these damaged trees pose to property and residents. He can address questions about the many variables that can cause trees to fall during hurricanes and other intense storms.


Wildlife and marine animals

Shirley BakerShirley Baker
Shirley Baker, a professor of molluscan biology and aquaculture with UF/IFAS, has expertise in marine animals. She can provide insight on how major storms and disasters impact populations and natural animal behaviors.