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Meryl Alappattu

Research Assistant Professor

Meryl Alappattu's research interests include chronic pain, pelvic pain, rehabilitation and women's health. 352-273-9661
Chronic Pain Pelvic Health Physical Therapy Pelvic Pain Physical Therapy Rehabilitation

Afsar Ali

Research Associate Professor

Afsar Ali researches disease spillover from environment to humans and how to mitigate cholera and diarrheal diseases. 352-273-7984
Diarrheal Disease Cholera Algal Blooms Flesh Eating Bacteria Environmental Disasters

Benjamin Anderson

Assistant Professor

Benjamin Anderson's expertise includes pathogen discovery and the use of novel virus surveillance techniques. 352-273-9572
Pathogen Discovery Virology Respiratory Viruses Public Health One Health

Jennifer Applebaum

Assistant Professor

Jennifer Applebaum is an expert on pet ownership and the resulting health and well-being/welfare implications of the human-pet dyad. 978-317-9061
Companion Animals One Health Pet Ownership Pets Pet Owners

Mark Bishop

Associate Professor and Director

Mark Bishop is an associate professor and the director of the doctor of physical therapy program. 352-273-6112
Joint-Biased Manual Therapy Musculoskeletal Pain Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation Patient Expectations Pain Rehabilitation

Tracy Centanni

Associate Professor

Tracy Centanni studies the neural and genetic correlates of reading acquisition, risk factors for dyslexia, and neural plasticity. 357-294-8675
Neural Plasticity Dyslexia Auditory and Visual Perception Brain Basis of Reading Acquisition Genetic Factors for Dyslexia

Robert Cook


Dr. Robert Cook is a professor within the Department of Epidemiology focusing on preventative health care. 352-273-5869
Primary Care Medicine Alcohol Consumption Sexually Transmitted Diseases HIV Infection Stigma

Santanu Datta

Associate Professor

Santanu Datta's current research is focused in the areas of lung cancer screening, smoking cessation and adolescent vaping. 352-273-6074
shared decision making for lung cancer screening Smoking Cessation Interventions Health Economics Vaping tax policy

Brittney Dixon

Assistant Professor/Director

As a social and behavioral scientist, Brittney Dixon researches underserved populations, with an emphasis on health disparities. 352-273-6068
Community-Engaged Research Chronic Conditions Health Equity Health Disparities Social Determinants of Health

David Fedele

Associate Professor

David Fedele focuses on the psychosocial aspects of pediatric chronic illnesses including how some factors impact adjustment and morbidity. 352-294-5765
Cystic Fibrosis Technology Self-Management Pediatric Psychology Mobile Health

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