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Anthony F. Botelho

Assistant Professor

Anthony Botelho's researches the development and application of educational technology. 352-273-4164
Behavioral Psychology Educational Technology Machine Leearning Qualitative Methods Artificial Intelligence

Jesse Boyles

Associate Professor

Jesse Boyles studies law theory and tax accounting and expert systems for tax decision making.
Expert Systems for Tax Decision Making Accounting for Income Taxes Tax Accounting Law Theory Federal Income Tax Accounting

Angela Bradbery


Angela Bradbery has over 30 years experience practicing and studying activism, advocacy and public interest communications. (352) 294-2013
Public Interest Communications Advocacy Activism Nonprofits

Edward Braun


Edward Braun is broadly interested in the evolution of genomes and organisms. 352.846.1124
Genomics (Vertebrates, Especially Birds and Reptiles) Genomics Evolutionary Biology Evolutionary genetics Vertebrates

Lyle Brenner

Associate Professor

Lyle Brenner's research investigates how consumers and managers make predictions, inferences and decisions. 352-273-3272
Consumer and Managerial Decision Making Statistics and Research Methods Consumer Statistical Reasoning Judgment Under Uncertainty Mathematical Psychology

Ted Bridis


Ted Bridis is a veteran investigative journalist who teaches students all aspects of investigative journalism. (352) 294-1543
Freedom of Information Political Communication First Amendment Professional Responsibility & Legal Ethics Investigative Journalism

Mary Brownell

Distinguished Professor/Director

Mary Brownell focuses her scholarship on issues of teaching quality for students with disabilities. (352) 514-1195
Literacy and Teaching Quality Professional Development of Teachers Teacher Education Policy Teacher Education Practice Teaching Quality and Assessment

Neil H. Buchanan


Neil Buchanan is an expert in intergenerational justice, retirement security and constitutional issues in government budgeting. 352-273-0931
Debt Ceiling Social Security Justice Between Generations Budget Deficits Limits of Economic Analysis

Eva Buckner

Assistant Professor/State Extension Specialist

Eva Buckner researches mosquitoes and mosquito control efforts. (772) 226-6606
Mosquito Control Programs Mosquito-Borne Viruses Human Health Mosquitos Pesticides

Michael Bumbach

Clinical Assistant Professor

Michael Bumbach's research focus includes the use of advanced technology related to nursing education and patient education/health literacy. (352) 273-6638
Technology in Nursing Education Health literacy Technology and Patient Care Family Nurse Practitioners Health Education

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