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Julie Brown

Associate Professor

Julie Brown researches how teachers engage culturally and linguistically diverse learners in secondary and undergraduate science education. 352-273-4218
Qualitative Methods Undergraduate Science and STEM Education Curriculum Design Educational Equity Science Education

Mary Brownell

Distinguished Professor/Director

Mary Brownell focuses her scholarship on issues of teaching quality for students with disabilities. 352-514-1195
Literacy and Teaching Quality Professional Development of Teachers Teacher Education Policy Teacher Education Practice Teaching Quality and Assessment

Christen Buckley

Assistant Professor

Christen Buckley's research areas include advocacy, communication technology, the ethics of technology, and public interest communication. 352-392-0466
Strategic Communication Crisis Communication Communication Technology Corporate Social Responsbility Social Advocacy and Social Change

Eva Buckner

Assistant Professor/State Extension Specialist

Eva Buckner researches mosquitoes and mosquito control efforts. 772-226-6606
Mosquito Control Programs Mosquito-Borne Viruses Human Health Mosquitos Pesticides

Michael Bumbach

Clinical Assistant Professor

Michael Bumbach's research focus includes the use of advanced technology related to nursing education and patient education/health literacy. 352-273-6638
Technology in Nursing Education Health literacy Technology and Patient Care Family Nurse Practitioners Health Education

Sara Burke


Sara Burke is a basic science researcher that investigates how different brain regions communicate over the lifespan. 520-400-3585
Neurophysiology Diet and the Brain Neurobiology of Aging Cognitive Aging

Matthew Burns

Endowed Professor

Matthew Burns studies data-based decisions about instruction, the effects of interventions, and systems to best deliver them. 651-592-3061
Identifying Learning Disabilities Dyslexia Reading Intervention Reading Assessment Multitiered Systems of Support

Katharina Busl


Dr. Katharina Busl is a professor of neurology and neurosurgery. 352-294-8453
Subarachnoid Hemorrhage Brain Death Neurocritical Care Acute Brain Injury

Jason Butler


Jason Butler is a specialist on the dynamics of complex fluids, with applications in suspension flows, rheology, microfluidics, and more. 352-392-2591
Rheology Suspension Flows Electrokinetics Creeping Flows Fluid Mechanics

Kevin Butler


Kevin Butler directs the Florida Institute for Cybersecurity Research and studies the security of computers and the privacy of tech users. 352-294-2090
At-Risk Users Cybersecurity Embedded Systems Security Mobile Security Privacy

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